Valentine’s Day Bookmark and Card

felt Valentine's Day hearts, bookmarks and cardsWe just celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together and it was very different from what the children were used to. The Brits tend to apply their cynicism to this holiday and believe its all hyped up by marketers to make us buy more stuff. For those who do take part, its seen as a romantic holiday for boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands and wives. Perhaps you will have a crush at school/college/in the work place and send a mystery card, but that is where the holiday ends.

White felt heart bookmark with red embroidery for Valentines DayWe explained to the kids that in the early grades of school in the USA, all the children in the class would send a card and some candy to each other, regardless of their true affection for that person. We like to think that we can use this day to mindfully tell those around us that we love them. Hugging, kissing and telling that to those you love is important each and every day, but it can become rote, ‘just the thing that Mom does’. Especially for out kids, it is important to write something down about how much we love them.

Handmade red felt heart for Valentine's DaySomething they can keep and look at when, for the 1001st time they are being reminded to pick up the wet towel on the floor!

I was looking around for cute little Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone and I found a lovely little felt book mark idea over at Thirty Handmade Days. They have the step by step instructions over there, so I wont repeat them, but I’m pretty happy with how mine turned out.

Red felt heart on handmade pin tucked napkins



I made a few extra hearts and used them to decorate simple Valentine’s Day cards, and a small gift for a friend – more about the handmade pin tucked napkins later.


Thank you to Thirty Handmade Days for the great idea. Do check them out because they have some really good stuff.

dianeDiane Downey is mom to four children, two by birth and two by adoption. You can read more about her life as a landscaper or her family’s international kinship adoption story, or just stay tuned for more family fun.

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