Our new mini enterprise

Nature Nurture Notions StoreWe just opened our first Amazon store!

Alex wanted to sell off his D&D books. Cash4books.com wanted to give him about $5 each for the 6 or so hardback books, so I thought I’d take a look at Amazon and see if they could do better. Sure enough, they could. So I added them and before I knew it we had a buyer. $18 for the first one, then $13 for the next one. That pile of books that no one wanted, they went next. The DS games that no one plays any more, then the Wii games. Oh and all those adoption books – yeah, they are going too!

So, step right up. We have some great deals down at the Nature, Nurture Notions Amazon store. Just in time for the holidays too!

High Tech High Internships

alex internshipAlex finishes his three week Junior year internship at Cari.Net tomorrow, and what an amazing experience its been for him.

You can read about the experience from his perspective in his school blog that is part of the process. On Tuesday he gets to present to his cross year advisory group telling them all about it. This is such a smart move, as it allows those from 9th through 12th to share the experiences they have had through the year.

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Weaving our story

California CountrysideI guess I’m not really made to be a good blogger. I can’t get my productivity such that I can blog every day or even three times per week. But when I’m on a roll, I’m smoking!

Its June. School is nearly out. The long summer holiday stretches ahead of us with no real form or function. I’m looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time.

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On becoming a clothes horse

What is a MomSince the beginning we’ve had problems with clothes.

George’s problems seem to be mainly about the inability to cope with change. New things are really difficult for him, and that includes new clothes. Letting go of old things is also very difficult, including worn out, torn and faded underwear and tee shirts. Its kind of mind boggling that his draws and closet can be full to overflowing, and yet he wont consider getting rid of clothes and shoes that dont fit any more. Add to this the fact that he choses to wear the same three shirts and the same three pairs of pants over, and over, and over again. Alex got him to go through his closet at one point, to sort out his winter jackets. The put a neatly folded pile in the garage ready to be donated. When I went through them I found one with its tags still on it. I could cry, its just so frustrating.

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Avoiding being direct

succulent flowerRose helps herself to whatever she wants without asking: fruit salad, chocolate from pantry, plastic cups to take to school, props for school play, a ‘personal’ gmail account. She acts like she is entirely self sufficient. It’s insulting, rude and selfish.

She won’t ever ask directly for something she wants. Instead she will couch it in terms of what someone else might like to do or wants: ‘You said you would like to go and see The Grinch, so shall we?’ or ‘How about I put ice cream in bowls for you all?’. I always feel like she is trying to pull the wool over my eyes, and I have to do a double take on her words so that I can see the real meaning.

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